Such is the condition of many of today’s workers – perhaps most of them. If those workers were customers, they would be regarded in modern terms as ‘passives’ – those who will not actively seek an alternative, but who are always, and instantly, open to a better offer.

Any business that relies on employees who are inherently unreliable has got serious problems. It cannot expect to generate enthusiasm amongst its workforce, no matter how hard it tries. It cannot expect commitment from them. The most it can expect is what it usually gets – workers who submit to what they regard as unacceptable conditions
because they need the money, but who will desert their posts the moment their financial position improves.

Now contrast this with the situation we will have when Britain has freedom.

Free people have choice. Many of them will want to pursue their own interests, self-employed, as it were. But many will prefer the structure of the workplace, many will not want the responsibility of setting their own timetables, doing their own tax returns, organising their own working environments, and so on.

When Britain is free, British businesses will find that more and more of their employees are there because they want to be there – because they will have made a conscious choice to be there. Such workers will be more than willing to work – they will be enthusiastic.

They will be reliable. They will not be mercenaries.

They will feel more of a sense of ownership of their business – whether they have shares in it or not; they will feel more responsibility for the work they do, whatever the consequences of that work.

British businesses, composed of increasing proportions of willing workers, will soon start to outstrip their global competitors. British industry will see a revival that is inconceivable in present times. The economic doldrums of 2008 onwards will fade and become a distant memory.

The future for Britain will be glorious. If we take action now.


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